2010 ODA Portfolio Review Full Report


Annex 1-A Technical Notes on the CY 2010 ODA Report

Annex 1-B MIS

Annex 2-List of Agencies Consulted and Desk Reviewed

Annex 3-A List of Active ODA Loans

Annex 3-B New Loans

Annex 3-C Closed Loans

Annex 3-D Partial Loan Cancellations

Annex 3-E Loan with Extension of Closing Dates

Annex 3-F Distribution of Total ODA Loans by DPs

Annex 3-G Distribution by Agency Type

Annex 3-H Distribution by Budget Dependency

Annex 3-I Distribution by LGU Participation

Annex 3-J Distribution with MDFO as Conduit

Annex 3-K Distribution by Coverage Areas

Annex 3-L Distribution by Sector and Subsector

Annex 3-M New Commitments (2001-2010)

Annex 3-N Loans by Type of Creditors

Annex 3-O Loans Supporting MDGs

Annex 3-P Loans Addressing Climate Change

Annex 3-Q Disbursement Levels

Annex 3-R Disbursement Rate

Annex 3-S Availment Rate

Annex 3-T Disbursement Ratio

Annex 3-U1 Physical Status

Annex 3-U2 Comparison of CY 2009 and CY 2010 Physical Status

Annex 3-V Commitment Fees

Annex 3-W Alert Mechanism

Annex 4-A List of Grant-Assisted Projects

Annex 4-B Distribution of ODA Grants

Annex 4-C Closed Grants with Unutilized Balance

Annex 4-D Utilization of Grants

Annex 4-E Utilization Rate vs Time Elapsed

Annex 5-A List of ODA Loan Project Outputs (per Sector)

Annex 5-B List of ODA Grant Project Outputs (per Sector)

Annex 5-C Closed Loans with Incomplete Project Outputs

Annex 5-D Outcomes Reported by IAs from Various ODA-Assisted Projects

Annex 5-E Summary of Supervision Missions and Implementation Reviews Conducted in CY 2010

Annex 5-F Results of Ex-Post Evaluation Conducted for Selected Projects in CY 2010

Annex 6-A Cost Overrun for CY2010 ODA Review

Annex 6-B Processing Time of Fund Releases

Annex 6-C Procurement Duration of Goods and Consulting Services