CY 2013 ODA Review

Annex 2-A ODA Projects Costs in Peso by IA

Annex 2-B Share of Counterpart Funding to Total Project Cost per Agency

Annex 2-C List of Active ODA Loans Covered in the Review

Annex 2-D Financing Terms of Development Partners

Annex 2-E Distribution of ODA Loans Net Commitment by Sector_Subsector

Annex 2-F Distribution of ODA Grants by DP and by Sector

Annex 2-G ODA Programs and Projects with CC Adaptation and Mitigation Components

Annex 2-H List of ODA loans and grants supportive of the MDGs

Annex 3-A ODA Loans and Financial Performance

Annex 3-B List of Loans with Zero Disbursement

Annex 3-C List of Program and Project Loans with Less Than 70 Percent Availment and Disbursement Rates

Annex 3-D Performance of Program Loans

Annex 3-E Total Cost and Actual Expenditures by Project and Program as of CY 2013

Annex 3-F Actual and Target Expenditures by Project and Program in CY 2013

Annex 3-G Summary of Agency Expenditures as of CY 2013

Annex 3-H Summary of Agency Expenditures in CY 2013

Annex 3-I Actual Expenditures by Sector as of CY 2013

Annex 3-J Actual Expenditures by Sector in CY 2013

Annex 3-K Historical Data on the Commitment Fees Paid (CF) from CY 2004 to CY 2013

Annex 3-L Cumulative CFs paid per project from CY 2002 to CY 2013

Annex 3-M Year-on-year Comparison of the Amount of CFs Paid by Implementing Agency

Annex 3-N Physical Accomplishments as of CY 2013

Annex 3-O Projects Restructured in CY 2013

Annex 3-P List of Projects with Loan Cancellations-Other forms of Restructuring

Annex 3-Q Projects Likely to be Restructured in CY 2014

Annex 3-R Actual Problem Projects

Annex 4-A Findings and Recommendations in Supervision Missions

Annex 4-B Disaggregated Lessons Learned CY 2013 ODA

Annex 4-C Lessons Learned from Completed Projects

Annex 4-D Lessons Learned from Impact Evaluations and other Evaluation Studies

Annex 5-A ODA Projects Supporting the Chapter and Sector Statements of the PDP

Annex 5-B Results from Ex-post Evaluation

Annex 5-C Results from Other Evaluation Studies

Annex 7-A Actions Taken on Recommendations from CY 2012 ODA Review

Annex 7-B Recommendations for CY 2014 and Beyond for Implementing Agencies