The Results Matrix (RM) is an instrument designed to provide results orientation to the PDP. It is anchored on results-based management (RbM), which is a strategy that focuses on performance by highlighting achievements of outcomes and impacts. The RM chapters are expanded to integrate aggregate outputs of policies, programs, and projects which will contribute toward meeting the Chapter outcomes. Details of activities in support of the Chapter outcomes shall also be defined appropriately in the respective strategic plans and public investment programs of the different implementing agencies. The RbM strategy supports public expenditure management reforms that shift the focus from mere input-output monitoring to an emphasis on achieving outcomes and impacts prioritized in the Plan.

In parallel with the updating of the PDP, the RM was revisited in view of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to the new normal. This is to ensure that the country’s development goals and targets remain relevant and are achieved, as the RM incorporates the government’s recovery program and resiliency plan given the pandemic. The enhancement of the PDP-RM Midterm Update includes the following: (1) adjustment of PDP-RM chapter targets; (2) addition of new indicators to better measure outputs and and outcomes within the new normal scenario; (3) replacement of indicators; and (4) reporting of cross-cutting indicators, particularly outcome indicators with multiple sectoral contribution. Whenever applicable and feasible, adjusted indicators also include data on: (i) regional breakdown and targets for selected core indicators and (ii) sex-disaggregated baseline data and annual targets.

Download the Enhanced PDP 2017-2022 RM Midterm Update here.

Enhanced PDP 2017-2022 Results Matrices Midterm Update Chapters

Source: Monitoring and Evaluation Staff