Last modified on April 6, 2015
The MSDF defines the role of Mindanao in national development as the country’s agri-industrial center, a role carved out of the current and emerging functions of the area and its potentials. This role is discussed in the three parts of this document, as follows:

(a) the Vision Statement;

(b) the Development Challenges; and

(c) the Development Themes.

The first part provides the Vision Statement of Mindanao by 2020. It highlights the island’s economic and human development aspirations that are expected to be achieved, buttressed by the island’s rich natural resources, competitive human resources, and strong public-private cooperation.

The second part discusses the Development Challenges of Mindanao, particularly the fundamental issues and concerns restricting the development of the island. It centers on the need to harness the rich resources of the island, achieve a pro-poor and inclusive economic growth, address unpeace,and strengthen good governance and partnership.

The final part lays out the Development Themes. These themes are specifi c and strategic interventions in the form of policies and/or programs, projects and activities that are expected to respond to the identified Development Challenges and lead to the achievement of the Vision for Mindanao.