MANILA—During its 11th Meeting with President Benigno S. Aquino III as chair, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Board approved six projects focusing on infrastructure, education, and agriculture sectors. 

Below are the NEDA Board-approved projects: 

1. Pasig-Marikina River Channel Improvement Project, Phase II (PMRCIP-II) 

Description: The approval facilitates the full completion of Phase II through additional works, as well as design modification of river wall improvement works along the Pasig River, from Delpan Bridge up to immediate vicinity of the Napindan Hydraulic Control Structure. 

Total Project Cost: PhP5.54 billion (Includes additional financing of PhP932.83 million) 
Proponent: Department of Public Works and Highways

Implementation schedule: Within the original period of December 2007-August 2013 

2.Change in Scope of the Post-Ondoy and Pepeng Short-Term Infrastructure and Rehabilitation Project (POPSTIRP) 

Description: The project involves the utilization of savings amounting to PhP 461.2 million to implement 15 subprojects (including 8 flood control and 7 road and bridges subprojects) in the areas of Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, and Cagayan. The project will not entail any increase in cost. This is similar to how online casino sites market share increased in cost due to casino sites have been legalized to play online casino games. 

Total Project Cost: PhP 6.48 billion (includes the PhP461.2 million savings to be utilized for the 15 subprojects)
Proponent: Department of Public Works and Highways 
Implementation schedule: Within the original period of March 2010-September 2013 

3. Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project

Description: The project aims to strengthen the Philippine Coast Guard’s capability to promote safety of life, protect the marine environment and enforce maritime laws through procurement of four brand new 24-meter patrol boats and one 82-meter patrol vessel.

Total Project Cost: PhP5.91 billion 
Proponent: Department of Transportation and Communications– Philippine Coast Guard 
Implementation schedule: Delivery of 24-meter vessel: 12.5 months from project start; Delivery of 82-meter patrol vessel: 20 months from project start. 

4. Market Transformation through Introduction of Energy Efficient Electric Vehicles Project (formerly Market Transformation through Introduction of Energy Efficient Electric Tricycle (E-Trike) Project)

Description: Modification of the project title and total project cost with the additional grant of US$4 million (PhP172.0 million) from the Clean Technology Fund, from US$500 million (PhP21.50 billion) to US$504 million (PhP21.67 billion), for the provision of solar charging stations.

Total Project Cost: PhP21.67 billion 
Proponent: Department of Energy 
Implementation schedule: 2013-2017 

5. Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST)

Description: The project aims to improve equitable access to complete basic education and ensuring its quality. Also, the project targets to build and sustain an effective, transparent and engaging governance of education. The project has two main components: 1.) Improving teaching and learning, and 2.) Strengthening systems.

Total Project Cost: PhP9.42 billion 
Proponent: Department of Education 
Implementation schedule: 2013-2019 

6. Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP)

Description: The program aims to increase farm and fishery productivity and incomes in the targeted program areas (16 regions, 49 provinces) through the adoption and integration of climate-smart and resilient agriculture support, technologies, tools and systems. Also, it aims to have a more market-oriented, climate-resilient agri-fishery sector.

Total Project Cost: PhP27.54 billion 
Proponent: Department of Agriculture 
Implementation schedule: 2013-2018