Regional Director Luis G. Banua  led the NEDA Regionnal Office (NRO)  IV-A family in the 2015 nutrition month-long celebration themed “Timbang Iwasto, sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo.!” The observance of nutrition month commenced during the Flag Ceremony on July 6   with the discussion of activities and ended with the launching of Biggest Loser Challenge on July 27. In discussing the theme, Ms. Donna Ronquillo of  the  PFPD quoted the National Nutrition Council (NNC) report that overweight and obesity are emerging concerns in health and nutrition because they increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, various forms of cancer and  musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis.

 Another activity conducted by the NRO IV-A to commemorate nutrition month is the integration of the malnutrition causal model and problem tree analysis of obesity The first activity of the office was the presentation of problem tree analysis on obesity and malnutrition during the Project Development Training on  July 15-16. A Nutrition Quiz Bee was held on July 20  that  determined the awareness of the staff on health and nutrition.  Meanwhile, Ms. Julie Anne Alcantara of the NNC Region IV-A provided orientation on proper weight management and nutrition counseling last  July  22.

 Last July 27, the five divisions of  NRO  IV-A competed with each other on the Survivor Bahay Kubo Vegetable Cooking Contest. Each team prepared a dish consisting of at least five Bahay Kubo vegetables and explained the health benefits of the dish. The PFPD with its Lumpiang Hubad entry  won  first place while PMED and DRD were judged as second and third placers, respectively.

 A boodle fight lunch completed the activity and improved the camaraderie of the staff. This was followed by the formal launch of the Biggest Loser Challenge with the conduct of initial weigh-in. The final weigh-in will be held in  December 2015.  RD  Banua emphasized that the challenge is for the overweight and underweight staff to achieve their ideal weights.