MANILA – The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) has already released online a document on the overall results framework for monitoring progress in Typhoon Yolanda-related reconstruction.

The Reconstruction Assistance on Yolanda’s (RAY) Implementation for Results, a companion document of Build Back Better released in December 2013, presents an overall results monitoring framework of RAY in line with the Philippine Development Plan  (PDP) 2011-2016.

“Implementation for Results highlights the large portion of the recovery and reconstruction needs related to the private sector, both individuals and enterprises. It provides a framework to ensure close alignment between the objectives of the recovery of the rehabilitation program and the PDP,” the document stated.

Also, it highlights key policy and program initiatives under implementation or consideration by four clusters such as: 1. Livelihoods and business development, 2. Housing and resettlement, 3. Social services, and 5. Infrastructure.

“A results framework is provided as a basis for planning and monitoring the impact of recovery and rehabilitation activities with the goal ‘to establish resilient, sustainable regions with high and sustainable growth, able to withstand and recover from disasters faster and better,’ ” the report said.

Furthermore, the report identifies policies, operational strategies, and roles and responsibilities for implementation to guide decisions affecting short- and medium term recovery and rehabilitation.

“Thus, stakeholders can use this document to identify priority programs responsive to recovery and rehabilitation needs, identify and address gaps and constraints, monitor and assess on-going progress to ensure the recovery and rehabilitation program stays on track to achieve its intended results,” the report said.

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