In his keynote message during the Policy Dialogue on Effective Regulations for Sustainable Growth last September 17, 2015, NEDA Deputy Director-General Emmanuel Esguerra said that Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) is one of the critical ingredients in realizing structural reform, which is necessary to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth.

DDG Esguerra also said that there is a need to institutionalize GRPs, especially now that the country is moving towards ASEAN integration and working with several other economies for trade and investment.

GRP was part of the agenda of the recently concluded 2nd APEC Structural Reform Ministerial Meeting (SRMM), where ministers and senior officials from APEC communities shared their experiences and views on regulatory reform and cooperation, particularly in relation to the services sector.

The policy dialogue, organized by the Philippines Institute for Development Studies, discussed the challenges in creating effective regulations and improving the overall regulatory environment in the Philippines.


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