To enhance research capabilities of K-12 teachers, the NEDA Regional Office (NRO) VI in Western Visayas  supports  the call of its  faculty members  to conduct  a training on research.  In collaboration with the Philippine Statistical Association, Inc. (PSAI), a private non-stock, non-profit foundation, NEDA Region VI will conduct a two day, live-out Training Workshop on Retooling of Stakeholders on Research Protocols for State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) professors who are planning to do research work. The event will be held on October 27-28.

The implementation of the K-12 curriculum will commence in School Year 2016. As required by the new curriculum, fourth year secondary students will proceed to Grade 11 and 12 instead of going to college.  This will leave a vacuum in the first year and second year college levels in all universities and colleges, both public and private.  Affected teachers are given options to  either teach general education subjects, do administrative work, or undertake research for the two years when there will be no first and second year college enrollees.

Some 30 researchers from the SUCs and private HEIs in Western Visayas are invited to join the training.   Selected PSAI members will serve as resource persons wherein topics  to be  discussed are the following: (a) Conceptualization, Framing and Formulation of Research Problems and Objectives; (b) Hypothesis and Conceptual/Theoretical Framework; (c) Review of Related Literature; (d) Data Management; Description of Data; (e) Inference about Two Populations: Interval and Ratio Data; (f) Inference about Two Populations: Two or More Populations: Ordinal Data; (g) Inference about Two Populations: Two or More Populations: Nominal Data; (h) Analysis of Variance (One-way and Two-way) and Linear Regression Analysis.

The training will be conducted at the Jalaur Conference Room, NEDA VI Building, Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City.  It is one of NEDA’s initiated activities in support of the celebration of National Statistics Month (NSM) this October 2015, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 647 declaring every month of October as NSM. The 26th NSM  is celebrated with the theme “Pagyamanin at Gamitin ang Estadistika, Kalusugan para sa Lahat ay Abot Kamay Na.”