2012 ODA Review Report Executive Summary
GAD Classifications of ODA Projects
Glossary of Terms
Annex 1-A Review Coverage Agencies
Annex 1-B Project Descriptions
Annex 2-A List of Active ODA Loans
Annex 2-B List of New Loans
Annex 2-C List of Closed Loans
Annex 2-D Loans with Partial/Full Cancellations During the Year
Annex 2-E Closed Loans with Extensions
Annex 2-F Types of Program Loans
Annex 2-G List of Program Loans
Annex 2-H Distribution of Total ODA Loans by DP
Annex 2-I Distribution of ODA Loans Net Commitment by Sector/Subsector
Annex 2-J Distribution of ODA Grants (by DP and by Sector)
Annex 2-K Climate Change
Annex 2-L Disaster Risk Reduction
Annex 2-M MDGs (1 goal)
Annex 2-M MDGs (2 or more goals)
Annex 2-N Distribution of Total ODA Loans by Agency Classification
Annex 2-O Distribution og Total ODA Loans by Budget Dependency
Annex 2-P Distribution of Total ODA Loans with LGU Participation
Annex 2-Q Distribution of Total ODA Loans with MDFO as Conduit
Annex 2-R Distribution of Total ODA Loans by Type of Assistance
Annex 3-A Disbursement Levels by DP
Annex 3-B Disbursement Rate by DP
Annex 3-C Availment Rate by DP
Annex 3-D Disbursement Ratio by DP
Annex 3-E Actual Time to Disburse 10% of Funds (by DP)
Annex 3-E Actual Time to Disburse 10% of Funds (by IA)
Annex 3-E Actual Time to Disburse 10% of Funds (by sector)
Annex 3-F Commitment Fees Paid in 2011 and 2012 by Project
Annex 3-G Commitment Fees Paid in CY 2011 and 2012 by IA
Annex 3-H Disbursement in Peso by IA
Annex 3-I Physical Performance
Annex 3-J Supervision Missions
Annex 3-K List of Actual Problem Projects in 2012
Annex 4-A Actions Taken on Key Implementation Issues
Annex 4-B Cost Overrun Stock as of Dec 2012
Annex 4-C Cost Overrun (Closed)
Annex 4-D Projects To Be Restructured in CY 2013
Annex 5-A LogFrames of Ongoing Projects
Annex 5-B Initial Results of Ongoing Projects 3
Annex 5-C Results from Ex-Post Evaluations Conducted in CY 2012
Annex 5-D Other DP-led Evaluations
Annex 5-E Disaggregated Lessons Learned
Annex 5-F Other Lessons Learned Completed Projects
Annex 5-G Lessons Learned from Impact Evaluations
Annex 5-H ODA Projects Supporting the Chapter and Sector Statements of the PDP
Annex 7-A Actions Taken by IAs on the Recommendations of the CY 2011 ODA Review
Annex 7-B Recommendations for CY 2013 and Beyond for Implementing Agencies