The total ODA portfolio as of December 2019 amounted to USD21.62 billion, consisting of 84 loans worth USD19.98 billion (92% of the total portfolio), and 268 grants worth USD1.64 billion (8% of the total portfolio).

Japan provided the bulk of ODA assistance to the country accounting for 39 percent share (USD 8.51 billion for 41 loans/grants) of the active ODA portfolio, followed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with 26 percent (USD5.70 billion for 44 loans/grants) and the World Bank (WB) with 20 percent (USD4.31 billion for 25 loans/grants).

Similar to CY 2018, the infrastructure development (INFRA) sector accounted for the largest share of the active ODA portfolio with 58 percent (USD12.54 billion), followed by the social reform and community development (SRCD) sector with 18 percent (USD3.81 billion), the governance and institutions development (GID) sector with 15 percent (USD3.38 billion), the agriculture, agrarian reform, and natural resources (AARNR) sector with 8 percent (USD1.68 billion); and the industry, trade, and tourism (ITT) sector with the remaining 1 percent (USD0.20 billion).

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