The government continued to enter into quick-disbursing program loans to support its vaccination program and improvements in the healthcare system, which enabled the country to gradually reopen the economy. The increase in program loan financing in recent years also demonstrated the government’s commitment to carry out critical policy reforms in several priority sectors amid the challenges brought about by the COVID-19
health crisis.

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Annex 2-A Total Project Cost by Implementing Agency
Annex 2-B DBCC-Approved Program Loans
Annex 2-C Distribution of Total ODA Loans Net Commitment by Sector and Sub-sector
Annex 2-D ODA on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction
Annex 2-E ODA Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals
Annex 2-F ODA Loans and Grants Responsive to Gender Promotion
Annex 2-G List of Active ODA Loans
Annex 2-H Description of Active ODA Loan-assisted Programs and Projects
Annex 2-I Financing Terms of the Development Partners
Annex 2-J Grant Element of Active ODA Loans
Annex 2-K List of ODA Loans for COVID Response
Annex 2-L List of Active ODA Grants-assisted Projects as of December 2021
Annex 2-M List of Active Regional ODA Grants as of December 2021
Annex 2-N List of Non-ODA Grants
Annex 2-O List of Active ODA COVID-19 Response Grants as of December 2021
Annex 2-P Active ODA-funded Infrastructure Flagship Projects
Annex 3-A Financial Performance of Ongoing NG Program Loans
Annex 3-B List of Active Loans with Availment Backlog
Annex 3-C ODA Loans Financial Performance per Agency
Annex 3-D Allotment Releases, Obligations, and Disbursements as of end 2021
Annex 3-E Multi-year budget requirement per project for FY 2021 and beyond
Annex 3-F Historical Data on Commitment Fees Paid CY 2007 to CY 2021
Annex 3-G Cumulative Commitment Fees Paid per Project CY 2003 to CY 2021
Annex 3-H Cumulative Commitment Fees Paid by Implementing Agency CY 2015 to CY 2021
Annex 3-I Cumulative Commitment Fees Incurred by Projects with Active Loans as of December 2021
Annex 3-J-Physical Performance of ODA Loan-assisted Projects
Annex 3-K Physical Status of ODA Grants-assisted Projects
Annex 4-A Results of ODA Projects and Programs and their Alignment with the PDP-RMs
Annex 4-B Evaluation Findings of Recently Completed Studies
Annex 4-C Dissemination of the Evaluation Findings of Recently-Completed Studies
Annex 5-A List of projects with Issues vis-à-vis Actions Taken or to be Taken
Annex 5-B – Projects with Restructuring Requests in CY 2021
Annex 5-C Projects Likely to be Restructured
Annex 5-D. List of Actual Problem Projects as of December 2021
Annex 5-E Cost Overruns in CY 2021