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The Official Development Assistance (ODA)

The ODA, as defined in Republic Act 8182 – ODA Act of 1996, is a loan or a grant administered to promote sustainable social and economic development and welfare of the Philippines. ODA resources must be contracted with governments of foreign countries with whom the Philippines has diplomatic, trade relations or bilateral agreements, or which are members of the United Nations, their agencies, and international or multilateral lending institutions.

ODA Act of 1996

An act excluding Official Development Assistance (ODA) from the foreign debt limit in order to facilitate the absorption and optimize the utilization of ODA resources, amending for the purpose paragraph 1, section 2 of Republic Act No. 4860, as amended

Official Development Assistance Act of 1996

ODA Portfolio Reviews

ODA Portfolio Review 2021

Republic Act (RA) No. 8182, also known as the ODA Act of 1996, as amended by RA 8555, mandated NEDA to conduct an annual review of the status of all projects financed by ODA and identify causes of implementation and completion delays or reasons for bottlenecks, cost overruns (actual and prospective), and continued project or program viability. NEDA is required to submit to Congress a report on the outcome of the review not later than June 30 of each year. The ODA Act complemented NEDA Board Resolution No. 30 series of 1992, which instructed the NEDA Investment Coordination Committee (ICC) to review all on-going ODA-funded programs and projects, with the aim of improving ODA absorptive capacity.

Download the full report with annexes here. Download the report here.

ODA Profiles and Country Programs

ODA Directory

2023 ODA Directory (as of June 2023)

ODA Facilities for NGOs
ODA Facilities for LGUs
ODA Pipeline with Status


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ODA Forms

ODA Forms
CY 2016 ODA Review Form 9

2016 ODA Review Form 9

  1. Department of Agrarian Reform
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  2. Development Bank of the Philippines
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  3. Department of Education
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  4. Department of Energy
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  5. Department of Transport
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  6. Department of Public Works and Highways Flood Control
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  7. Department of Social Welfare and Development
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  8. Department of Trade and Industry
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  9. Land Bank of the Philippines
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  10. Local Water Utilities Administration
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  11. National Irrigation Administration
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  12. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process
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Source: Monitoring and Evaluation Staff