Last modified on July 28, 2021

Current Organizational Structure*

Office of the Secretary (OSEC)

Internal Audit Service (IAS)

Legislative Liaison Office (LLO)

Development Information Staff (DIS)

Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC)

Policy and Planning Group (PPG)

Governance Staff (GOVS)

National Policy and Planning Staff (NPPS)

Social Development
Staff (SDS)

Trade, Services, and Industry Staff (TSIS)

Investment Programming Group (IPG)

Infrastructure Staff (IS)

Public Investment Staff (PIS)

Monitoring and Evaluation Staff (MES)

Regional Development Group (RDG)

Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment Staff (ANRES)

Regional Development Staff (RDS)

NEDA Regional Offices (NROs)*

Corporate Affairs Group (CAG)

Administrative Staff (ADS)

Financial Planning and Management Staff (FPMS)

Legal Staff (LS)

Information and Communications Technology Staff (ICTS)

Attached Agencies

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)

Tariff Commission (TC)

Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute (PSRTI)

Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM)

Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA)

*Subject to changes per Secretary’s discretion

Approved Organizational Structure