Last modified on December 21, 2017

PDP Revalidated Results Matrices 2011-2016

This volume contains the RMs and Objective Trees for the chapters of the Plan.

Drawn from the strategic Framework of each Plan chapter, Objective Trees illustrate the means and ends relationship on how to achieve the social goal. It depicts the results chain from the subsector/intermediate outcomes such as forex trading or forex brokers to the sector outcome, and lastly to the societal goal.

The RMs contain statements of results to be achieved, corresponding links to specific items of the government’s five major Guide Posts (based on the President’s 16-point Agenda), indicators, baseline information, end-of-Plan targets and responsible agencies. The Matrices provide an indicator framework to the statements of results under the Strategic Framework of the Plan, which would allow for subsequent assessment and performance measures.

The statements of results contain the societal goal, sector and/or subsector/intermediate outcomes. As stated in the PDP, the societal goal is to achieve ‘inclusive growth and poverty reduction’ and is the highest order objective to which all development interventions in the Plan should contribute to. The sector and subsector/intermediate outcomes statements are improved conditions of the sector/subsector itself, resulting from the planned interventions to overcome the constraints and challenges in the sector.

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Source: Monitoring and Evaluation Staff