Philippine Innovation Act Progress Report

The Philippine Innovation Act Progress Report presents the achievements and milestones of the National Innovation Council (NIC), composed of interlinked member-agencies and representatives from various sectors, in implementing Republic Act 11293.

Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028

The PDP 2023-2028 is a plan for deep economic and social transformation to reinvigorate job creation and accelerate poverty reduction by steering the economy back on a high-growth path. This growth must be inclusive, building an environment that provides equal opportunities to all Filipinos, and equipping them with skills to participate fully in an innovative and globally competitive economy.

Socioeconomic Report 2021

The SER 2021 highlights the need for more reforms to further increase the country’s potential for economic growth and greater inclusivity.

NEDA Annual Report 2021

With this year’s theme, “Beyond the Pandemic: Charting the Path Towards Full Economic Growth and Recovery,” the country now needs to look beyond the pandemic and prepare for the emerging challenges ahead.

Roadmap to Institutionalize Natural Capital Accounting in the Philippines

This document starts with an assessment of previous and current initiatives and attempts to institutionalize NCA since the 1990s. It also presents the overarching policy frameworks and plans as a basis in the crafting of priority activities. The Roadmap has six components: (a) compilation of natural capital accounts; (b) estimation of natural capital – adjusted macroeconomic indicators; (c) policy use and applications; (d) data management systems; (e) capacity development; and (f) dissemination. Budgetary support should be secured to facilitate the target activities under each component.

Mining Technical Paper and Policy Note: Review of the Philippine Large-Scale Metallic Mines

This paper is designed to present the technical perspective of mining based on the results of the MICC review, particularly on the legal, technical, social, economic, and environmental aspects. It also highlights the good mining industry practices and those that need improvement. The Policy Note, on the other hand, provides an overview of the Philippine mining sector from a policy perspective, highlighting key challenges and reforms necessary to develop and better regulate the sector.

Official Development Assistance 2020

The Philippines was on track to becoming an upper middle-income economy, until the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic disrupted the country’s economic growth momentum and development trajectory. The unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic prompted a shift in sourcing and utilizing Official Development Assistance (ODA) financing in the new normal, from project-specific to quick-disbursing program loans.

Philippine Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan

The Philippine Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan (PWSSMP) serves as the national action plan to achieve universal access to safe, sufficient, affordable, and sustainable water supply, hygiene, and sanitation by 2030. Linked to the national water supply and sanitation (WSS) targets, the PWSSMP is grounded on the realities of every region, with insights from over 1,000 representatives across the country.

NEDA Annual Report 2020

The year 2020 brought enormous challenges for the country and around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented health crisis on a global scale that endangered lives and crippled the economy.

Official Development Assistance Portfolio Review 2019

The total ODA portfolio as of December 2019 amounted to USD21.62 billion, consisting of 84 loans worth USD19.98 billion (92% of the total portfolio), and 268 grants worth USD1.64 billion (8% of the total portfolio).

Japan provided the bulk of ODA assistance to the country accounting for 39 percent share (USD 8.51 billion for 41 loans/grants) of the active ODA portfolio, followed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with 26 percent (USD5.70 billion for 44 loans/grants) and the World Bank (WB) with 20 percent (USD4.31 billion for 25 loans/grants).

NEDA Annual Report 2019

The theme “Connecting Minds, Charting NEDA’s Directions,” speaks of NEDA’s commitment to ensuring that a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach is in place through a well-coordinated development planning cycle in the country — from planning, investment programming, budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation; and in the process, pursuing the continuous development of the institution for it to better serve the people.

Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery Planning Guide

The Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery Planning Guide provides an overall framework and planning reference for the national, regional, and local levels to simplify post-disaster rehabilitation planning. It proposes a more general rather than specific approach to recovery planning so that it can be applied to any type of disaster and adapted to
disasters of varying magnitudes.