The Roadmap to Institutionalize Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) in the Philippines is developed by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) together with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). This document provides strategic guidance on the national implementation of NCA from 2022 to 2040. It presents the critical activities, milestones, and outputs for each planning period to fully institutionalize and integrate NCA, including valuation of ecosystem services in the government’s planning, investment decisions, and policy-making process. The activities in the Roadmap are tailored to respond to the issues and gaps on localized framework, data concerns, human resources and technical capacity, and institutional arrangements.

This document underwent several technical discussions with the members of the Inter-agency Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Statistics (IACENRS) and was peer reviewed by international and national experts working on NCA. The IACENRS approved the Roadmap on March 30, 2022 through Resolution No. 01 Series of 2022.

This document starts with an assessment of previous and current initiatives and attempts to institutionalize NCA since the 1990s. It also presents the overarching policy frameworks and plans as a basis in the crafting of priority activities. The Roadmap has six components: (a) compilation of natural capital accounts; (b) estimation of natural capital – adjusted macroeconomic indicators; (c) policy use and applications; (d) data management systems; (e) capacity development; and (f) dissemination. Budgetary support should be secured to facilitate the target activities under each component.

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Source: Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environment Staff