Socioeconomic Report 2021

In the last year of the Duterte administration and the transition to a new regime, the government will need to sustain efforts to end the pandemic and navigate towards a new and better normal. The Socioeconomic Report 2021 highlights the need for more reforms to further increase the country’s potential for economic growth and greater inclusivity.

In the transition year 2022, there is a need to focus on: 1) accelerating and sustaining social and economic recovery; 2) building resiliency; and 3) developing agility. The latter two are meant to ensure that the country can bounce back quickly in the event of another crisis.

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Socioeconomic Report 2021 Chapters

Chapter 1: Accelerating and Sustaining Social and Economic Recovery

Chapter 2: Global and Regional Trends and Prospects

Chapter 3: Overlay of Economic Growth, Demographic Trends, and Physical Characteristics

Chapter 4: Philippine Development Plan: 2021 Headline Accomplishments

Chapter 5: Ensuring Responsive, People-centered, Technology-enabled, and Clean Governance

Chapter 6: Pursuing Swift, Fair, and Humane Administration of Justice

Chapter 7: Promoting Philippine Culture and Values towards Bayanihan

Chapter 8: Expanding Economic Opportunities in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and Ensuring Food Security

Chapter 9A: Expanding Economic Opportunities in Industry

Chapter 9B: Expanding Economic Opportunities in Services

Chapter 9C: Expanding Access to Economic Opportunities in Industry and Services (I&S) for Startups, MSMEs, and Cooperatives

Chapter 10: Transforming Human Capital Development towards Greater Agility

Chapter 11: Ensuring Food Resiliency and Reducing Vulnerabilities of Filipinos

Chapter 12: Building Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable Communities

Chapter 13: Reaching for Demographic Dividend across All Regions

Chapter 14: Vigorously Advancing Science, Technology, and Innovation

Chapter 15: Ensuring Sound Macroeconomic Policy

Chapter 16: Promoting Competition

Chapter 17: Attaining Just and Lasting Peace

Chapter 18: Ensuring Security, Public Order, and Safety

Chapter 19: Accelerating Infrastructure Development

Chapter 20: Ensuring Ecological Integrity, Clean and Healthy Environment

Chapter 21: Protecting the Rights, Promoting the Welfare, and Expanding Opportunities for Overseas Filipinos

Source: National Policy and Planning Staff/Development Information Staff