January 3, 2019

As a primary advocate of the Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710), NEDA champions the protection of women’s rights and expects its officials and employees to conduct themselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. NEDA firmly believes that every person, regardless of gender or social status, must be treated with dignity.

Respect for all, especially in the workplace, is a value that our institution upholds, as reflected in the NEDA Code of Conduct. Any form of abuse or harassment—most especially sexual harassment—is not to be tolerated.

NEDA acted swiftly on a sexual harassment complaint against one of its officials, even prior to the filing of a formal complaint. The NEDA Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI), which is tasked to investigate sexual harassment complaints, among others, has conducted its investigation in accordance with applicable civil service rules and will be submitting its findings following the prescribed timelines. The CODI has been working with the NEDA Secretary and others concerned to ensure the investigation proceeds with utmost confidentiality in adherence to pertinent laws, rules, and procedures.

NEDA is committed to ensure that, in the interest of justice, the principles of due process are strictly observed.

– END –