1.   The competition is open to all youth dance groups within Metro Manila.

2.   The official song should be the Tunog ng Progreso. Remix is allowed as long as its message is retained. You can access and download the song through:

3.  Groups should not be more than 10 members.

4.  Participants are allowed to create their own choreography. Performances should be documented in a video and be uploaded to YouTube. The link should be sent to with the following information:

               Name of Dance Group:
               Contact Person:
               Contact Information:

5.  The deadline for submission of entries will be on January 17, 2018.

6.  Selected videos from the links received by NEDA will be uploaded to the NEDA Official Facebook page. The number of likes and shares will make 20% of the final rating of the entries.

7.  Criteria for judging are as follows:

                Choreography (Creativity & Artistry, Style & Originality)        40%
                Execution (Timing & Coordination, Projection & Expression)        30%
                Costume and Props           10%
                Facebook likes and shares   20%
                Total    100%

8.  The winning group will receive ₱ 60,000 worth of prizes and will be invited to perform in the 45th Anniversary celebration of NEDA.

9. Deadline of registration is on January 10, 2018. Register now at: