Vision 2040 Public Consultations: Discussions with the Filipino Youth

Vision 2040 is a statement of where Filipinos aspire to be in 25 years. It is a set of goals identified by the public, for themselves, their children, their community, and the country. This vision, once articulated, shall eventually set the direction for government policy. Filipinos will say where the country should be in 25 years and the government shall create the conditions for realizing this vision through policy, programs, and regulation. Together, the government and its people can move forward to a common direction, in a strategic and harmonious manner, with shared goals and ambitions. It is the government’s job to design programs, policies, and operating rules that will foster an environment where all Filipinos are afforded equal opportunity to pursue and realize their own vision for themselves. In this manner, people set the direction for the government.

As the Vision communicates the current status as well as the aspirations of Filipinos, it should be a basis for unity among the Filipino people. It must guide development planning across political administrations and function as a map for service provision across public and private institutions.


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